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Image of Badluck Bandits - "Deadmans Hand" CD

Badluck Bandits - "Deadmans Hand" CD

Badluck Bandits is a Los Angeles based trio who fuses Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Punk, Ska and Latin Music into one big sound. Sammy Ruiz sing and plays guitar for the band.

Badluck Bandits
Album Title: "Deadmans Hand"

Track Listing
1. Midnite Sinner
2. Lets Ride
3. Black Swinging Chevy
4. Bring My Baby Back
5. Love in Disguise
6. Ghost of Folsom
7. Dreamer
8. Moonlight Baby
9. Borracho
10. Rhythm Stomp
11. Heartache Night
12. One Last Breath
13. Badluck Bandits

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