A Customized Sammyfied Drawing

A Customized Sammyfied Drawing

Have Sammy draw you in his distinct style now!

Drawing Details:
- Sammy will draw you and 2 other people (animals and or objects can be used as well)
- This hand drawing will be colored
- Paper Size: 8.5x11 inches
- Drawing will come framed: 8.5x11 black picture frame

Upon ordering, Sammy will contact you via email or via Social Media to get details from you such as;
- Reference Photos of people that will be drawn
- Clothing descriptions and details
- Positions of the People drawn
- Any special requests with people's appearances

**** From the date ordered, this custom drawing will take 3 weeks to complete. Sammy will be in touch throughout the entire time to give drawing updates ****

If you have any other questions about this Custom Drawing, please do not hesitate to contact Sammy